Also I’m thinking about my laptop and getting needlessly worked up since I can’t do anything about it at half four in the morning


About three months ago it suddenly blue screen of death-ed (which it has done a couple of times in its life but not for ages and what windows computer hasn’t at least once?) and I turned it off and on again and the screen wouldn’t turn on

So I took it to this computer repair place and a few days later they were like yeah the graphics chip has died except it’s an integrated graphics chip so you’ll need to replace the whole motherboard, we can do that though but the only place we can order it from is America so it’ll take a few weeks to get here probably

So we go back a couple of weeks later before I go back to uni (it was during Easter holidays it broke) and they’re like yep it hasn’t arrived yet

We then go back two weeks later when I get back from uni (it was only exams when I went back so) and they’d moved store (basically they were a joint computer repair/pet shop business run by a father and son and I think it was like the dad did the pet shop stuff and the son did the computer repair stuff but they rented the same floor space to save money) because apparently they’d stopped the pet shop, and said the motherboard had arrived a week earlier but hadn’t worked so they assumed it was faulty and sent it back and ordered another one that hadn’t arrived yet

Keep in mind they had never contacted me with any of this, I only found stuff out by physically going to their shop and asking them

Then we wait a few weeks to go again, a week before I went to America, thinking well it’s been a few weeks they should hopefully have the new motherboard

We get there and they’re not there

Their store is empty

We had to ask the people in the store next door what happened and they said a couple of weeks ago they closed up shop and were doing computer repairs from home instead (presumably renting a store was too much since it was in a slightly out of the way location I assume most people wouldn’t know where they even were)

So we got a phone number for them and they’re like oh yeah sorry we didn’t tell you yeah we shut down the store, also the other motherboard also didn’t work we’ve ordered another but we don’t really know if it’ll work or not and my mum was like ok this has gone on long enough can we have it back and they were like yeah sure we’ll put it back together and ring you back to arrange either dropping it off to you or you collecting it or whatever

But they never contacted us back

And I talked to mum while I was in America and she said if they didn’t contact her soon she’d phone the police and they’d not answered their phone when she tried to contact her but nothing’s happened since and she hasn’t phoned the police or phoned them back again or whatever

But I’m back in the UK now so tomorrow I’m gonna be like ok mum ring them up now and if they don’t answer ring up the police straight after ok this has gone on way too fucking long I want my fucking laptop back so I can get the rest of my files off it and get a new one and have a fucking computer again

Coming back to the uk has fucked up my body clock so much it’s half four in the morning and it’s like…I feel kinda tired but also I can’t get to sleep, and this morning I only got out of bed at half past two in the afternoon which is complete unlike me I’ve never gotten up that late

The only posts I’ve seen on my dashboard discussing the female Thor have been about sexist people who are like “ew why is Thor a woman now?????” and like zero discussion of the actual issue which is that “Thor” isn’t a title it’s his name it’s just weird there’s a new Thor at all (that isn’t like, Thor’s son or something)



#this is not an exaggeration okay #children do say this #children do wonder why they can’t find themselves in the media #don’t fucking tell me it doesn’t matter #it matters so much #children NEED to see themselves represented #or else they grow up feeling inferior and not worthy

Fuck off that’s not what the kid says from what I remember the dad is all like I wanna buy you one and the kid’s like nah it’s ok you don’t have to because he knows his dad is really poor