Holy shit I just saw an article that seems to be completely serious listing reasons why the Kim Kardashian game isn’t accurate to real life LA

And they’re all the most inane shit like how you can just press a button and take a single bus ride from one part of LA to another

It’s like listing ten reasons why the Mario games aren’t an accurate portrayal of plumbers

I dunno I’ve seen some pretty mixed reviews of Lucy but there are so many fucking neckbeards online who just complain about the “only using 10% of the brain” thing come on it’s a fucking movie yeah sure I find it stupid too but I also recognise it’s a fucking movie set in a fictional universe COME ON





Steven Moffat has said that calling Peter Capaldi’s incarnation the ‘Twelfth Doctor’ is wrong.

Speaking in SFX magazine #251, Moffat said: “I’m just going to throw this continuity grenade back at Doctor Who…

What about when the Eleventh’s first full episode was literally called “the Eleventh Hour”

Or when the Eleventh’s room in The God Complex was room 11

Or “chapter ten’s alright, but eleven will make you cry”

Or every other fucking shoe-horned in reference to the number 11 during Matt Smith’s tenure

On the one hand I get why some female superheroes fight in heels or whatever it’s like “hey she’s really badass and keeps up with the male superheroes AND in heels”

But also

I’d much rather see superheroes with practical footwear

I don’t understand the argument “but Clara’s only been in half a series!! Of course she’s underdeveloped/etc!!”

Fuck off I was interested in and liked other companions after half a series, I don’t give a shit about Clara she’s so bland and boring and is basically there to advance the plot and be a space-time anomaly and stuff

Also I always assumed Arcadia was another planet, considering the Time War was supposed to span time and space, but according to that little prequel thing Arcadia’s just another city on Gallifrey

I’m still pissed off they didn’t have the 8th Doctor in the 50 anniversary, because Moffat “couldn’t see him being the one to commit genocide”

But like

That should have been the point

It would have been a more interesting episode to see the more happy-go-lucky eighth doctor be worn down by the war and become the sort of person to commit double genocide

But nope Moffat doesn’t like that so instead we get a five minute mini-episode thing where the Doctor dies and then some people bring him back to life and make him regenerate into a “warrior” so he can go fight the war and we can get a bit of stunt casting by casting someone really famous for one episode