John Oliver on the  Scottish ‘Better Together’ campaign slogan. 

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wait lemme get this straight

so Gotham is in a different universe to Constantine which is in a different universe to Arrow (which is in the same universe as The Flash) which is in a different universe to the movie universe (Man of Steel/Batman vs Superman/future films)

DC and Warners Brothers, you’re fucking stupid

ok so I saw this gifset the other week with one of the founders of OKCupid showing how when straight women are shown a range of men 20 - 50 and asked who is the most attractive they all pick the one closest to their age and men universally pick women in the their young twenties

but I bought his book and I’ve started reading it and I think that gifset left out the more interesting part: when men are asked to actually state what age range of women they find most attractive they stick closer to their own age

basically meaning in private men think young women are the most attractive, but when actively asked to actually put a number to it they list their own age

things are heating up in the postman pat fandom